Stress distribution in column-plate foundations of Monument of Christ The King erected in Świebodzin

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Jakub Marcinowski
Volodymyr Sakharov


The paper presents results of numerical simulations of the stress distribution and deformations within of foundations of huge monument of Christ The King erected in Świebodzin (Poland) in 2010. It is 3 meters taller than the better known statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, standing at 30.1 meters tall without its pedestal.

Foundations were built as a system of reinforced concrete columns and slabs which can be classified as a spatial column-slab system. Actual mechanical parameters of the substrate and of the artificial mound made of field stones, sand, gravel and clay were adopted in calculations. The numerical simulations of structural members of foundation and determination of the stress distribution are presented in the article. Monument itself was not included into the model. Instead of it the rigid cantilever was introduced to which resultant forces were applied. Three different stages were distinguished: the initial state after foundation and mound accomplishment, the initial state plus the dead load and the initial state plus the dead load and the wind load. It was assumed that the wind load was taken into account in a quasi-static formulation by applying the equivalent horizontal force and the torque. Stresses and displacements for these three stages were determined by Finite Element Method using Simulia ABAQUS system. It was disclosed what was a contribution of particular parts of foundations in sustaining loads in considered load cases. The state of exertion of structural members of foundations and the soil itself was assessed.

It was showed that the column-slab foundations and soils of the mound play important role in taking loads of the statue, spreading them and safe transferring to the undisturbed level of natural soils. According to the numerical simulations results the columns of foundation take as much as 64% of the vertical load (in the most unfavourable load conditions). At the same time soils of the mound take through the side surface of piles about 20 % of the vertical load.

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Jakub Marcinowski, Institute of Civil Engineering, University of Zielona Gora, 1, Szafrana str., 65-516 Zielona Gora, Poland


Doctor of Science, PhD, Eng.

Volodymyr Sakharov, Institute of Civil Engineering, University of Zielona Gora, 1, Szafrana str., 65-516 Zielona Gora, Poland

Doctor of Science, PhD, Eng, Professor of University, Head of Department of Structural Mechanics


Tallest Jesus statue - Christ the King Monu-ment sets world record. World Record

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