Interaction of load-bearing structures of the house with a pile basis

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Igor Boyko
Vladimir Sakharov
Alexander Litvin


This paper presents the results of research of design solutions of multi-story building structures with the support of the extreme vertical load-bearing elements of the frame on the piles of the retaining wall. The research is performed on the basis of numerical modeling in three-dimensional formulation for the elements of the system «soil base - foundation - above-ground structures» at static loads. The analysis of the stress-strain state (SST) in the elements of the frame with such constructive solutions is carried out. Stresses of stress concentration in which irreversible deformations may occur at design loads have been identified.

It is established that despite the fact that due to the change of the structural scheme of the foundation it was possible to achieve a relative difference of subsidence close to the normative value and a significant reduction of bending moments in the grille, there remained zones in the floor slabs manifestations of irreversible deformations were predicted. Recommendations are given and changes to the constructive scheme of the house are offered which allow to provide safe design decisions for all term of operation of the house.

Another feature of the studied building is that the proposed design of foundations with piles of short length (6 m). With this solution, the zones of deformation under the height of the pile and the sole of the piles are closed and the deformations are determined by the size of the structure [1], and the piles only improve the soil properties in the upper part of the base due to its compaction. This solution allows you to achieve an economic effect by reducing the length of the piles, while ensuring the subsidence of the house within acceptable values.


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Igor Boyko, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Head of the Department of Geotechnics, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Vladimir Sakharov, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Head of the Department of Structural Mechanics, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Alexander Litvin, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Assistant of the Department of Geotechnics


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