Improving the test methodology of design piles on a construction site

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Igor Boyko
Tetiana Dyptan


Reliable solutions for the design of tall buildings with pile foundations depend on the correctness of the load-bearing capacity. In some cases, you need to know that it is impossible to determine the ability on the side surface and under the sole. To do this, it is proposed to develop a special technique that combines tests to remove and pull out and educate the nature of the downloads (static or  kinematic).Тhe publication proposes a method of testing piles in the field, which simulates the processes that accompany the interaction of the pile with the soil base in real situations of operation of the technical object: for example, emergency soaking of soils when there is no time for stabilization deformations under load from a building or structure. It is shown that the value of friction on the side surface of the piles significantly depends on the nature of the loads. The analyzed results of the test schedule allow to separate these two components in the case when unloading is carried out continuously and the beginning of the pile movement in the opposite direction gives the value of soil resistance on the side floor. This simulates the real behavior of the pile at the base of the building, because in real objects there is no time for stabilization.It is offered to carry out tests of piles before loading which causes continuous indentation of piles, and division into components - bearing capacity on lateral surface Fdf and bearing capacity under the sole of the pile FdR will allow to accumulate the calculated soil supports in the respective zones, which makes it possible to create tables «R» and «f» for soil conditions of Ukraine.Taking into account the peculiarities of the construction of the pile test schedule and the proposed approaches will allow to correctly determine the components used in determining the bearing capacity of the pile. The accumulation of test results in the future will clarify the calculated soil supports of Ukraine. Reliable values of the calculated resistances will reduce the amount of static tests, which are time consuming and expensive.

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Igor Boyko, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Doctor of Technical Sciences


Head of the Department of Geotechnics

Tetiana Dyptan, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Geotechnics


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