Activation of man-made processes in the event of a sharp change in the level of reservoirs and groundwater due to man-made disasters of hydraulic structures

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Andrii Rashchenko
Tetiana Dyptan
Artur Malaman


There are more than 1,100 reservoirs on the territory of Ukraine, which hold about 55.13 km3 of water for the production of electricity, providing water to the population of Ukraine, shipping and fisheries: 43.71 km3 of the Dnipro cascade of reservoirs (including 18.2 km3 of the Kakhov reservoir); 3 km3 Dniester; 8.42 km3 - others. However, in parallel with hydraulic construction and operation of reservoirs, there are problems of preserving ecological balance in nature, as well as complex use of newly formed water bodies and territories bordering them and falling under their influence. The Kakhov reservoir is the second largest in Ukraine. As a result of Russia's military aggression on the territory of Kherson Oblast, a hydrotechnical facility - Kakhovska HPP - was blown up. The result of such criminal actions is the destruction of the dam, the volume and speed of movement of water from the upper beif to the lower depends on the dimensions of the destruction and the parameters of the breakthrough wave - the main factor of damage in a hydrodynamic accident. The destructive action of the breakthrough wave led to a rapid reaction of the geological environment: changes in the hydrogeological regime of the surrounding territory; changes in the stress-strain state, which developed under the conditions of the stabilized state of the existing building; activation of engineering and geological processes - landslides, flooding, manifestation of subsidence properties of loess soils, etc. According to the data of the State Geology and Subsoil Service of Ukraine [1] even before such catastrophic events, the flooding of regions of the territory of Ukraine reached an area of 88.82 thousand km2, the area of landslides was 2148.17 km2. Elimination of the negative consequences of the activation of engineering-geological processes and forecasting their further development largely depend on the timely detection of danger, assessment and forecasting of the degree of geological risk. The article focuses on the analysis of engineering-geological processes before the start of the man-made disaster and covers the periods after, with prognostic assessments for the further resolution of the issue of exiting the critical situation, which requires comprehensive consideration. The possibility of modeling this situation and taking into account the peculiarities of the behavior of the soil environment in such extraordinary conditions will make it possible to carry out such engineering measures that will allow to neutralize the negative impact on the surrounding territory as effectively as possible.

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Rashchenko, A., Dyptan, T., & Malaman, A. (2023). Activation of man-made processes in the event of a sharp change in the level of reservoirs and groundwater due to man-made disasters of hydraulic structures. Bases and Foundations, (46), 123–132.
Author Biographies

Andrii Rashchenko, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Geotechnics

Tetiana Dyptan, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Geotechnics

Artur Malaman, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

postgraduate of the Department of Geotechnics


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